Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies working in a meetingDr. Kai-Philipp Kairies working in a meeting

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And, we were excited to take part in the festivities. The team arrived in Munich to share ACCURE’s mission of accelerating the transition to clean energy and mobility by making batteries safe, reliable, and sustainable using cloud computing.  

After three inspiring, exciting, and exhausting days, we found ourselves thinking about five key takeaways:

Key Takeaway #1: The smarter E Europe ballooned in size.

Let’s start with some numbers. The smarter E Europe 2023 was larger and more globally diverse than ever, with 106,000 visitors from 166 countries, and 2,469 exhibitors across 17 exhibition halls in 180,000 square meters. The sheer number of smart and passionate individuals, businesses, and associations pushing the energy and mobility transition was fantastic. I expect that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Smarter E Europe - Visitors
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Key Takeaway #2: Solar is shining bright.

Germany alone added almost 8 GW in 2022 - making it top of the rankings1! It is amazing to see how many new solar energy providers are emerging in the market. Over half of the exhibiting companies offered products and services related to solar energy.  

It is clear that the expansion of solar power goes hand in hand with energy storage. The challenge of storing an ever-increasing amount of energy brings the need for high-performing and reliable battery systems to a new level. Solar and storage will likely dominate the conversation for many years to come.

Key Takeaway #3: Battery analytics are becoming strategic.

From electric vehicles to home storage to large-scale systems, the battery industry is growing exponentially. To be one of the top asset owners in the market, it is crucial that these batteries can be operated safely, reliably, and with long service life. Advanced battery analytics is seen as a logical path toward achieving these goals.

One not-so-surprising revelation is that we saw several battery manufacturers introducing monitoring solutions. But does this offer the right level of transparency into health that an asset owner expects? Can asset owners trust manufacturers if there is a conflict of interest? A third-party, independent analytics solution, provides full transparency and gives operators insights about whether battery assets meet performance and reliability expectations.  

The Smarter E Euope - ACCURE booth

Key Takeaway #4: Alternative battery cell chemistries continue to be a talking point.

Due to the rapid increase in electrification of the mobility sector and the expansion of renewable energies, the global demand for lithium-ion batteries is projected to reach 4,000 GWh in 2030. To support this development and meet the demand, new battery concepts and chemistries are being developed that cost less and offer supply chain flexibility.  

The advantages and downsides of these new technologies were a predominant discussion topic at the conference. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis, we have a blog post on sodium-ion batteries coming up soon – one of THE most hyped technologies in the battery world. Sign up for the newsletter here:

Key Takeaway #5: China is dominating battery manufacturing.

The presence of Chinese exhibitors was ubiquitous at The smarter E Europe 2023.

According to Visual Capitalist, China accounts for 77% of the world's total manufacturing capacity with almost 900 gigawatt-hours. Plus six of the top ten battery manufacturers in the world call China home. China's dominance in the battery sector is attributed to its comprehensive integration throughout the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain, encompassing metal mining and EV production. Furthermore, China holds the title for the largest EV market, representing 52% of global sales in 2021.2 The trade fair further solidified that China is the global leader in battery manufacturing.

This year’s Smarter E Europe show didn’t disappoint. The takeaways above paint a clear picture that renewable energy is here to stay. Equally as clear, is that energy storage will play a vital role in its future growth.

And as they say, after the show is before the show! Next year’s The Smarter E Europe show will be held June 19–21, 2024. Make sure to visit the most important European event for the energy industry and stop by our booth! We will definitely be there and have a cool drink waiting for you!

1 European solar market grows by almost 50 percent, PV Europe by Gentner. Date of last revision: 29 December 2022 Date retrieved: 22 June 2023 [https://www.pveurope.eu/markets/eu-market-outlook-solar-power-2022-2026-european-solar-market-grows-almost-50-percent]

2 Govind Bhutada. Visualizing China’s Dominance in Battery Manufacturing (2022-2027P), Visual Capitalist Elements. Date of last revision: 18 January 2023. Date retrieved: 22 June 2023 [https://elements.visualcapitalist.com/chinas-dominance-in-battery-manufacturing/]

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