EXTEND Lifetime

Battery lifetime predictions: No more guesswork from start to future

Confidently predict battery lifetime, degradation behavior, and value. Flexibly simulate conditions to make smarter optimizations to your battery operation strategy. Go ahead - make your decisions easier.

Unbeatably accurate battery health and lifetime predictions.

More than
accuracy for 2-year forecasts

Chart the best course for your batteries

Account for aging

  • Today, battery management systems (BMS) cannot reliably measure state of health (SOH). Yet, it's essential to plan the next 10 years. ACCURE Lifetime Manager accurately measures SOH and allows you to benchmark against all your suppliers and applications.
  • ACCURE’s mechanistic and data-driven models give scalable and high-confidence predictions of aging behavior for every battery in your fleet.
  • Foresee the “knee point” and avoid end-of-life surprises like sudden loss in range or value.
  • Integrate lifetime insights into degradation-costs-per-cycle and terminal value calculations.
  • Leverage expected degradation costs to make smarter investment decisions.

You’ve got options. Explore them—at scale!

  • Charging and battery degradation on your mind?
    Simulate the effects of different charging strategies like fast-charging on battery longevity to determine the best charging and schedule for your fleet.
  • Lifetime simulations reveal the impact on your bottom line.
    There are multiple ways to monetize battery systems, each with different aging costs. Evaluate the impact of different services such primary frequency response (PFR) and regulation or load-following and ramping on the assets.
  • Wondering if upgrading the HVAC will pay-off?
    Make better cost-benefit analyses with simulations of the impact of load profile and environmental conditions on battery lifetime.
  • And not just for your future projects.
    Uncover optimization potential that can increase lifetime up to 25% for your existing assets.

Second life. Second value.

  • When it’s time to re-use your electric vehicle, e-bus, or e-truck battery, more precisely estimate remaining mileage and cycles to determine the resale value.
  • Evaluating second life batteries for your stationary storage project? Due diligence on the battery data helps ensure you pay a fair price and buy only what you need, while ACCURE Safety Manager evaluates battery safety.
  • Grid-scale energy storage
  • Wind energy storage
  • Solar energy storage
  • Home energy storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Public transportation
  • E-scooters and bikes
  • Maritime applications

Here’s how it works

Ensure a solid data foundation

Battery Intelligence automatically cleans, combines and organizes the field data from any battery management system.


Detailed aging analyses

Advanced aging analytics use real-world operational data to give a complete and in-depth view into state of health and battery behavior.


More data = higher accuracy

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms leverage continuous data streams to deliver increasingly accurate analysis to make trustworthy predictions.


Automatically predict each battery future

Dashboards show individual battery behavior forecasts with more than 96% accuracy for a 2-year prediction.


Optimize assets, increase lifetime, maximize value

Simulate different conditions, make better operation and preventative maintenance decisions to extend the lifetime of your batteries, ensure higher reliability, and increase profitability.


Complete your Battery Value Strategy

Leverage big data

Spend less time reacting to the data and more time acting on its insights. Smart algorithms automatically clean and transform big battery data.

Ensure safety

Prevent thermal runaway and plan maintenance with continuous safety monitoring that delivers early warnings for batteries before they become critical.

Know performance

Know the status of your batteries, get automatic alerts when there’s risk to lose warranty coverage, and identify underperforming assets.

Increase your battery IQ