Who we are

We are battery experts increasing the momentum towards zero emissions.

Our energy and mobility future is built on batteries. At ACCURE, engineers and scientists from the world’s leading research groups and tech companies work together to make batteries safer, more reliable, and sustainable using analytics. We support asset managers, battery operators, and innovation engineers globally from our offices in Europe and North America. We manage millions of batteries around the world, spanning all relevant cell chemistries, form factors and use cases—from sports cars to stationary storage.

Batteries are the missing link to a completely renewable world. We are here to unlock their full potential with our Battery Intelligence platform.“
– Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies
CEO and Co-Founder
Co-founders: Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, Dr. Johannes Palmer, Dr. Georg Angenendt

Our story

ACCURE arose to ensure that batteries succeed at transforming how we're using energy. With a clear vision and a problem-solving spirit three friends set out to develop new, modern solutions to the growing volume of data from battery management systems and the associated computational needs to analyze it.

After developing the first generation of advanced battery analytics, Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, Dr. Johannes Palmer, Dr. Georg Angenendt founded ACCURE to help battery owners and operators make sense of their field data and unlock the insights hidden within it.

Since then, ACCURE keeps the same spirit and vision to reduce complexity and assess the risk and lifetime of batteries accurately and reliably. Together we have the power of prevention and the insights to increase value.

A world of opportunities for professionals, graduates, and students

We believe we can achieve zero emissions and actively develop the innovations that help us get there. We work across North America and Europe, in our offices or remote. Sound like a good fit for you?

The power to reduce risk and maximize value

ACCURE is a trusted analytics partner for battery system developers, owners, operators, asset managers, and insurers seeking immediate value from their battery data. Our solutions help companies assess battery failure risk, ensure reliability and maximize profitability by using operational data with scalable cloud-based analytics.

ACCURE by numbers

15 countries
across North and South America, Europe, and Asia
team members
2+ GWh
monitored battery storage
battery types
modules managed
increase in lifetime

Join us to accelerate battery-powered clean energy and mobility

With the staggering increase in demand for battery systems, the need to ensure safety while continuously optimizing battery performance and lifetime grows rapidly. That’s where we come in.

Reiner Herzog and Darya Chahardahcherik, Senior Battery Experts

Our mission is to maximize safety and value. Curious how this looks for you? Contact us.