Battery safety analytics that expect the unexpected

Less business risk. More peace of mind. Continuous safety monitoring prevents thermal runaway.

Li-ion batteries carry a small risk with a big impact

Battery issues happen. From e-buses and EVs to home and grid-scale energy storage systems, the cost of insufficient safety monitoring can be significant—and irreversible.

Even with battery suppliers and operators required to follow stricter safety regulations, these measures are centered around reacting to the problem rather than prevention. And the onboard battery management systems (BMS) are not equipped to identify thermal runaway far in advance.

How the BMS manages safety

Battery management systems monitor all cells within a pack and use balancing to limit divergence between cells. The safety features are often limited to comparing measurements with pre-set thresholds, such as if the temperature rises above 122°F/50°C, shut the pack down.

The BMS does not have the capability to analyze historical operation data or to analyze large data sets to recognize early indicators of thermal runaway.

What your BMS doesn't have:
  • The history of the battery measurements over time
  • Deeper analyses that include model-based approaches
  • Automatic alerts before the battery behavior is critical

The #1 battery safety solution

With over 50 battery incidents prevented, ACCURE’s software uses physics-based models and statistical approaches beyond the limitations of an on-board battery management system (BMS).

Continuous monitoring detects up to 20 safety-relevant anomalies before they become dangerous — across all your battery systems.

Safety features that reduce business risk:

Automated safety alerts flag conditions before they become critical.

Get the most important alerts from continuous monitoring of up to 20 safety indicators, including cell and module defects, BMS errors, and poor HVAC performance.

Safety dashboard shows suspicious battery behavior.

Get ahead of safety issues before they start with reports that score pack behavior based on pre-defined criteria. Filters allow you to select module types or show batteries with a specific safety score. Use the scores to predict maintenance and avoid unplanned downtimes.

A central database gives the full picture of all your modules.

While the BMS only sees the one module, Safety Manager reports show your entire battery asset portfolio. Enabling you to compare different modules and explore the why and how of their behavior, including trends analyses.

  • Electric vehicles
  • Public transportation
  • E-scooters and bikes
  • Maritime applications
  • Grid-scale energy storage
  • Wind energy storage
  • Solar energy storage
  • Home energy storage

Multiple insurance groups have identified ACCURE's battery analytics software as a risk-reducing measure for battery operation.

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All battery safety insights in one view

Here’s how safety
battery analytics work

Ensure a solid data foundation

The predictive battery analytics platform automatically cleans, combines, and organizes the field data from any battery management system.


Deep analytics

The platform runs safety analytics to track and predict critical anomalies on cell, pack, and system levels.


Always on the lookout

The platform continuously monitors your batteries, always on the lookout for critical conditions.


Added safety layer

Automatic alerts for unsafe battery behavior before it becomes dangerous and access to ACCURE's battery experts to help you avoid extended downtimes.


Don’t get burned.
Get battery safety analytics.

Control costs

Even better: lower them by proving your business does everything it can to mitigate risk.

Continuously developed

We keep on top of ever-changing battery chemistries, system designs and BMS types for you.

Battery experts

Our in-house engineers provide support tailored to your situation.

Complete your Battery Value Strategy

Leverage your data

Transform your field data into battery insights—intelligent algorithms clean your data automatically.

Act on insights

No more guesswork. Get more exact battery performance analyses and reveal underperforming assets.

Maximize value

Optimize operating strategy and design better systems with simulations and battery aging predictions.

Increase your battery IQ

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Technology matters, but people make the difference

Battery value is the language we speak. If you’re Director of Operations we translate reliability, resilience, and safety. If you’re an Asset Manager, we translate profitability and managing risk. Need a battery forecast? We speak predictive analytics too.