Electric Vehicle Analytics

The future of electric vehicles with battery analytics

Apply the latest innovations in data-driven battery analytics to unlock new value.

How fast will your EV batteries degrade?

The answer

Advanced battery analytics that use field data, the cloud, artificial intelligence and requires no additional lab tests can tell you.

The result

More data leads to more reliable capacity and range calculations, safer and more cost-efficient batteries.

The benefit

Better informed engineers with more time to focus on designing the next generation of battery electric vehicles.

A lot of data does not equal a lot of insights

You have the data

The on-board battery management system (BMS) collects the data you need to analyze the battery. Some of the data is meaningless—noisy distractions in an other wise useful dataset—caused by electrical and environmental inference impacting the sensors.

But it’s complicated

The BMS also isn’t designed to host large data sets, so you need to store, transfer, and import it in a database. But, on the journey single values or sequences can get lost, creating gaps in the battery story.

That’s where battery analytics come in

The first step is to get rid of all the noise and mind the gaps. Using data science and artificial intelligence advanced battery analytics automatically clean the data for you. Validating the quality of your BMS performance and data logging.

What data do you need for accurate battery analytics?

The Battery Data Guide tells you the must-knows and includes a handy checklist.

The #1 reason to partner with specialists

Partnerships help companies move faster. Outpace the competition—engineer the new standard in powertrains and storage systems—without re-inventing the wheel.

Getting the data clean is just the beginning. The insights are hidden in accurately calculating capacity, internal resistance and state of health – ACCURE’s analytics software handles the complex calculations, so you don’t have to.

You can focus on your core business, while ACCURE delivers unbeatable battery safety monitoring, performance tracking, and aging predictions.

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Why EV manufacturers partner with ACCURE

Spend less time interpreting battery data and more time acting on the insights.

Optimize data acquisition

Automatically see where you can improve data logging and transfer. Know exactly what data you need and in which resolution to control data costs.


Improve battery range

Artificial intelligence analyzes charging and discharging patterns, user profiles, and operating conditions to gain actionable insights from field data.


Fast and scalable

Combine all data – with a focus on operational –for the most reliable results. No additional lab tests, expensive hardware, or product modifications necessary.


Confident battery valuation

Accurately calculate how much life is left in the battery for safer, more reliable and profitable resale of used EVs and for second life applications.


2 more reasons to get battery analytics

Level-up your battery performance

See how battery performance compares to supplier specifications. Reveal underperforming batteries to proactively improve them.

Anticipate the future

Physics-informed machine learning uses field data to accurately simulate usage and operating conditions on future battery aging and health, so you’re informed to innovate.

Find out how safety analytics work in the battery safety white paper.

As battery components age and degrade, safety issues become more likely. Take in account differences between battery suppliers and generations, variable environ mental conditions, different driving routines and behavior and you’ve got a massive number of unexpected patterns to account for.

Better together: battery analytics and battery safety.

Increase your battery IQ

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Battery analytics backed by battery experts

ACCURE battery experts help you take control of your battery data, applying their scientific knowledge and practical experience to guide your engineering decisions.