Battery Intelligence cloud platform

Transform data into value. With the scalable cloud platform, you can choose and combine the battery analytics that best meet your needs.

Choose your battery analytics solution

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Safety Manager

Prevent fires and plan maintenance. Get alerts before battery behavior becomes dangerous.

Performance Manager

Get the most out of what you have. Advanced analytics reveal underperforming assets and help you stay within warranty coverage.

Lifetime Manager

High-confidence aging predictions and unlimited simulations to optimize operating strategy and design innovative systems.

What are the advantages of the Battery Intelligence cloud platform?

Get deeper insights from your existing data

Battery management systems (BMS) generate enormous amounts of data over the battery lifetime. In order to leverage it, you first need to make it accessible. That's what the Battery Intelligence cloud platform is for! If you have lab data or data from prototypes, ACCURE can use that too.

It’s for big energy ambitions

Whether you deployed 100 or 100,000 modules, Battery Intelligence is built to scale. Process data from any battery management system and for batteries from any supplier, including: CATL, LG Chem, Samsung SDI, BYD, Panasonic, CALB,  Lishen, Kokam and Sanyo.

Increase value, reduce risk

Need to ensure safety and reduce risk? Have ROI targets dependent on battery lifetime? Worried about losing a competitive edge? Unsure about warranty coverage? Battery Intelligence is a flexible platform that allows you to choose the battery analytics you need.

Battery Intelligence by numbers

2+ GWh

Managed battery storage


Modules managed


Battery types


Increase in lifetime

How it works


Automate where possible

Nothing says effortless like automation. Battery Intelligence combines lab test results and manufacturer specifications with BMS data across all battery suppliers, generations, data logging devices, and BMS versions.

You get:
  • Clean and organized data
  • An overview of your entire fleet
  • Help to improve data fidelity

Choose your analytics software

Battery Intelligence builds digital twins of your batteries. Then our analytics software extract the insights essential for your business— whether it's safety, performance, or extending lifetimes.

Each one analyzes the details, including state of charge, state of health, performance, and safety parameters to deliver the automatic alerts and reports you need to prevent failures, optimize performance, and extend service life.


Reap the renewable benefits

Prevent critical failures, plan new and more efficient systems, simulate the effects of different operation strategies and preventative maintenance measures, predict aging, and extend service life.

By continuously updating parameters such as open circuit voltages, complex impedances, and loss of active lithium, your battery insights are effortless and accurate.  

3 rows of solar panels on a red roof3 batteries connected to a computer system

Don’t just take our word for it

The granular overview of battery insights helps our team to manage and operate the batteries more efficiently while extending the lifetime of batteries. This reduces the cost of maintenance and expenditures on changing the batteries.“
Stephen Bello
– Stephen Bello
Technical Customer Support Lead, Pirano Energy Limited

Increase your battery IQ

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CTO & Co-founder

Technology matters, but people make the difference

Keeping up with the rapid developments in battery technology requires hard-to-acquire knowledge. ACCURE’s battery experts are like extended members of your team.

We bring the hard-to-find skills and expertise you need to accelerate clean energy projects without accelerating battery degradation, maintenance costs, and safety risk.