Battery asset optimization closes the gap between operation and performance

Discover underperforming assets. Comply with manufacturer warranties. Compare real-life battery performance to vendor specifications. Make better informed decisions.

Advanced reports and automated alerts take managing battery assets from strenuous to strategic.

Performance Manager features loaded with answers

Everything you want to know about the battery and more

  • An intuitive dashboard continuously compares your batteries' performance to their specifications – find underperforming assets in seconds.
  • Save time with a fast and solid foundation to make important decisions.
  • Use performance tracking of all your batteries to inform future purchase decisions.

Warranty-proof your battery operation, automatically

  • Continuous monitoring checks for warranty compliance. Get automatic alerts when operation is at risk to go outside of coverage.
  • Preparing for a warranty claim? A performance audit trail for each battery easily gives you the proof you need to show operation within warranty requirements and manufacturer specifications.

Get performance recommendations

  • Detect when a battery is not reaching its specified parameters such as power capability and temperature behavior, or shows poor state estimation.
  • Keep going where other technologies leave off: ACCURE recommends actions to increase value when batteries are underperforming.
  • Improve your vendor relationships by giving vital feedback to battery manufacturers and system suppliers.

Performance Manager is for

  • Grid-scale energy storage
  • Wind energy storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Public transportation
  • Home energy storage
  • Solar energy storage
  • E-scooters and bikes
  • Maritime applications

Here’s how it works

Ensure a solid data foundation

Battery Intelligence automatically cleans, combines and organizes the field data from any battery management system.


Accurate, reliable results with battery analytics

Advanced performance analytics give a complete overview of your battery operation.


Continuous monitoring

The performance of each battery is mapped against the manufacturer and supplier warranty specifications. The performance is continuously tracked and updated.


Automatically manage warranty coverage

Pro-actively ensure warranty compliance with automated alerts when operation is at risk to go outside of coverage. Work with ACCURE’s experts to get unbeatable support for warranty claims.


Optimize underperforming assets

Detect batteries that are not delivering as promised and determine a strategy to increase value.


Know how your batteries are performing

Complete your Battery Value Strategy

Save time

Spend less time reacting to the data and more time acting on its insights. Smart algorithms automatically clean and transform data.

Ensure safety

Prevent incidents and plan maintenance with battery safety monitoring that delivers early warnings for batteries before they become critical.

Increase lifetime

And sustainability. Simulations and comparisons help you optimize your operating strategy to extend battery life, without trial and error.

Increase your battery IQ