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The industry of the 21st century is built on batteries. To understand and improve the safety, reliability and lifetime of batteries, companies around the world rely on ACCURE's actionable data analytics.



With massively increasing demand for battery systems, the need to continuously optimize performance and lifetime grows rapidly. The ACCURE platform accurately determines and forecasts the safety and health of batteries using operational data. This enables you to optimize system design and battery operation.​

>1,500 MWh
Managed Battery Storage
A unique approach that only uses data that companies already have. Easy set-up, instant results.
Battery suppliers
Cloud diagnostics that have been applied to more than 220,000 battery modules from suppliers like Panasonic, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Sanyo, Sony, and many more
Increase in Lifetime
Batteries age differently. Based on ACCURE’s analytics, companies have drastically improved their battery lifetime and performance
Predictive safety diagnostics. Get insights about how data can prevent battery fires and have a look at our latest Whitepaper.
battery safety

Battery Knowledge

We share our insights and help to increase your understanding of the business. Check our new whitepaper and case study.

Predictive safety diagnostics. Get insights about how data can prevent battery fires and have a look at our latest Whitepaper.
How advanced battery analytics can support energy service companies in operating and managing their batteries? Read our case study!

Making Batteries Predictable

Batteries are complex and change properties as they age. ​ACCURE helps you build, operate and repurpose batteries safely and effectively. Our powerful cloud engine is built to ingest, characterize and analyze any battery related dataset.


ACCURE podcast

International car manufacturers such as VW and Toyota have high hopes for solid-state battery use in serial production for the near future. But how far is the industry with the development of high performing solid-state batteries in reality? Dirk Uwe Sauer,  Professor in Battery and Energy System Research at RWTH Aachen, on the outlook for solid-state batteries.


Battery experts from a globally leading
technology campus

ACCURE combines cutting-edge research with a practical understanding of the challenges that companies face when dealing with modern batteries. As a spin-off out of Europe’s largest university research group on battery storage systems, we have hands-on experience in working with battery data.

Dr. Johannes Palmer
Johannes is the architect behind one of the largest research data bases on experimental thermodynamics. He brings a decade of hands-on experience in efficient data handling to the team and keeps track of Petabytes of battery data.
Dr. Georg Angenendt
Georg's work focuses on increasing the longevity of battery systems. Combining model based approaches with deep learning and a comprehensive understanding of storage applications, he constantly pushes forward the ACCURE battery analytics.
Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies
Kai-Philipp founded the Technical Consulting division at RWTH Aachen University. His research on innovative battery systems was broadcasted by German national television ARD/ZDF and featured on WIRED, PV Magazine and Technology Review.
Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer
Scientific Advisor
Dirk Uwe is director of Europe’s largest university research group on energy storage systems and one of the most renowned battery experts in the world. He is co-founder of five successful battery startups

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