Risk-reducing strategies to make battery assets insurable

Improve safety and reduce risk-related costs with predictive battery analytics

Employ battery analytics for better insurance conditions

Battery energy storage system (BESS) owners and operators are under constant pressure to bring down costs while upholding the highest levels of safety. Predictive battery analytics are proving to be powerful tools for achieving these goals — and insurance companies are noticing.

See how Gore Street Capital is using battery analytics to get better insurance conditions.


Learn how innovations in insurance unlock the full potential of battery storage systems

See how Gore Street Capital is using predictive analytics to reduce risks and streamline insurance costs.

Flagging conditions before they become critical

Our predictive battery analytics platform uses field data combined with cloud computing power to detect problems that lay beyond the capabilities of a basic Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS can monitor critical thresholds but struggles to identify hazardous conditions that are beginning to develop.

ACCURE analyzes more than 20 leading indicators to provide a complete picture of a site's condition and flags conditions before they become critical. This not only makes your system safer, but it often translates into better insurance conditions.

Predictive analytics can help you receive better insurance conditions.

BESS risks aren't well understood

ACCURE’s predictive analytics provide early warning of potential issues, giving owners and operators time to intervene before a minor problem becomes a major one. Often, providers are notified of potential problems several weeks ahead of time.

With reduced system risk, insurers are rewarding operators with better terms and conditions.

Predictive analytics delivers a persuasive return on investment as part of a holistic risk management package.

Key benefits:

  • Managed risk
  • Improved safety
  • Meet performance guarantees
  • Reduce O&M
  • Increase revenues
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Technology matters, but people make the difference

Battery value is the language we speak. If you’re Director of Operations we translate reliability, resilience, and safety. If you’re an Asset Manager, we translate profitability and managing risk. Need a battery forecast? We speak predictive analytics too.