Large & Grid Scale Energy Storage

Go from what-if to world-class battery analytics

Get answers to deploy battery assets with the highest levels of safety and performance. Increase grid resilience, monetize new value streams, and support decarbonization while minimizing operating risks.

With grid modernization, battery intelligence informs strategy

Your opportunities for battery deployments are quickly expanding. You need to understand the effects of various environmental conditions and use cases on battery performance, differences among manufacturers’ products, battery chemistries, and how to best apply advanced data science techniques to inform the management of your battery energy storage systems (BESS). At the same time, key stakeholders are asking if maintenance and operating adjustments can extend battery lifetimes and profitability – and whether you can get the full value from your existing assets today.

Because battery technology is new and changes rapidly, traditional analysis tools are not designed to capture the full value of BESS. That’s why ACCURE is here for you. We give you battery intelligence to unlock the full potential of storage with safe, reliable outcomes.

A full-service battery intelligence solution

Operators, data scientists, system integrators, risk and asset managers get the alerts and analyses they need automatically—without additional manual effort, lab tests, or new sensors.  

Ensure safety and reliability first

Automate alerts before events become critical. Up to 20 risk-indicators can be monitored remotely to prevent failures, incidents, and downtimes.


Save maintenance costs

Insights help you plan maintenance to avoid interruptions, wear-and-tear, and extended downtimes.


Optimize operation

Advanced analytics reveal usage impacts on battery health. Predictions help you understand the impact on business value, battery performance and longevity.


Maximize value and profitability

Digital twins allow you to simulate system adjustments to measure the benefits of preventative maintenance against degradation and maintenance costs. Comparing operational strategies helps to increase project outcomes and extend lifetimes—with minimal effort.


Share battery intelligence

APIs allow you to connect all your data and steer insights to the right stakeholders. It means easy roll-out, agility, and faster turnaround.  


Two more reasons for battery intelligence

Track and manage warranties

Ensure operation stays within warranty limits and control operational risk.

Ensure resilience

Follow the data. Aggregate manufacturer specifications, battery testing, and field data into a single solution.

Top-of-mind: BESS safety

As batteries age, safety issues become more likely. Take in to account differences between battery suppliers and generations, variable environmental conditions, and different operation models and you’ve got a massive number of unexpected incidents to account for.

Find out how safety analytics work in the battery safety white paper.

Made for big energy storage and big ambitions

ACCURE's predictive battery analytics platform simplifies the complexity of growing fleets of utility-scale battery energy storage. It has the analytical depth, breadth, and automation required to create an accurate and complete picture of your operating assets so you can focus on the core of your business and confidently find the best energy storage strategy.

3+ GWh

Monitored battery systems


Modules managed


Increase in lifetime

Increase your battery IQ

Battery data guide

Which data can you use to extend the life of your batteries?

Complete your Battery Value Strategy

Prevent downtimes

Get early warnings for degrading batteries before they become critical.

Get operational insights

No more guesswork. Get an accurate picture of battery performance.

Increase ROI

And battery lifetime with reliable simulations and forecasts.

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Technology matters, but people make the difference

Battery value is the language we speak. If you’re Director of Operations we translate reliability, resilience, and safety. If you’re an Asset Manager, we translate profitability and managing risk. Need a battery forecast? We speak predictive analytics too.