The Background

The European operator of a battery energy system used for ancillary services experienced unplanned downtimes that negatively affected revenue. The operations team struggled to identify the problem, and management took notice.

Solution and Approach

ACCURE ingested historical data from the system and ran the analysis through its predictive battery analytics platform. The system identified several modules exhibiting abnormal behavior. However, there was one module that, in addition to causing unplanned downtimes, was in the safety red zone on ACCURE’s proprietary scoring model.

Results and Benefits

ACCURE immediately notified the operator who replaced the module and sent it to a lab for further testing. The lab confirmed that the module had a manufacturing defect that was spilling electrolytes into the pack. The early detection allowed the operator to resume normal operations and prevent a potentially dangerous thermal runaway event. The operator is now continuously monitoring its site using ACCURE’s predictive analytics platform.

Level 5 Severity

The software alerted the operator of a potentially serious safety issue.

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