Maritime Battery Analytics

How field data empowers marine batteries

With advanced marine battery analytics that process the battery management system data you already have.

Why zero-emissions maritime industries use our battery intelligence

Safety first

Battery safety analytics deliver early warnings for unsafe behavior and operating conditions.

Reliable results

Get more accurate capacity and range calculations with  field data.

Less downtime

With on-demand battery analytics you don’t need to pause operation.

Continuously monitored batteries are safe batteries

The safety of passengers and crew is your top priority. That’s why your battery systems are maintained regularly, certified and subject to Type and Routine testing.

But the safety of your batteries can decrease over time.

That’s why continuous monitoring and early-stage safety alerts are important. Type and Routine testing won’t recognize safety critical conditions during daily operation. You need to control these risks with an added layer of safety analysis.

Routine tests

  • The daily operation must stop to perform testing of the battery.
  • Results are often not representative for real-life performance.
  • Only deliver a single snapshot in time.

Battery safety analytics

  • Detect safety-critical conditions with continuous monitoring.
  • Evaluate battery behavior under daily conditions without pausing operation.
  • Gives a complete picture your batteries’ state of health over time.
Battery Safety

Battery safety white paper

Learn how the battery data you already have can be analyzed to prevent battery incidents.

No more lengthy capacity tests

how it works

Monitor batteries from any manufacturer

Each manufacturer has a special flavor of battery. ACCURE covers them all in one platform.

Including: CATL, Kokam, LG Chem, Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo.

Use the BMS data you already have

All your past and current data are securely stored and normalized in the ACCURE predictive battery analytics platform.

Be ready for what's next

The status of your systems enables you to track battery performance on-demand, without pausing operation.

Battery data guide

Which data can you use to extend the life of your batteries?

Extend battery life whether 100% electric or hybrid

Advanced analytics about capacity and charge cycles ensure you're informed daily about operating range and throughput. Then you can develop strategies that reduce battery stress and slow down aging to extend service life.

Gain more with less effort

Artificial intelligence detects and corrects measurement errors in the BMS data, ensuring you get accurate analyses, every time.

Two more reasons for battery analytics

Benchmark vendor specifications

Track your battery performance on age, state of charge, charge cycles and more. Compare it to the vendor specifications to discover underperforming assets.

Get more out of your battery contracts

Smart analytics continuously monitor your batteries to ensure you stay within warranty coverage.

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Technology matters, but people make the difference

Battery value is the language we speak. If you’re Director of Operations we translate reliability, resilience, and safety. If you’re an Asset Manager, we translate profitability and managing risk. Need a battery forecast? We speak predictive analytics too.