Join us as we dive head-first into the dynamic world of data and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) commissioning. In this session, we will explore big data’s role in redefining BESS commissioning while unveiling best practices and insights that fuel optimal performance and seamless integration.

Through real-world case studies and expert analyses, you’ll discover how advanced battery analytics can expedite the BESS commissioning process while laying a foundation for future revenue growth. We will examine several typical technical challenges BESS assets face at the beginning of their lifecycle and how battery analytics can help to overcome them.  

After attending this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of the following:

• The role of data and what data you should be capturing and storing today

• How data is being used to streamline asset management strategy

• How data can expedite commissioning by finding hidden problems


Allison Weiss, Global Head of Storage, Wood Mackenzie

Jay Peterson, Senior Director Asset Management, National Grid Renewables

Kai-Philipp Kairies, CEO and Co-Founder, ACCURE Battery Intelligence