Understand the Impacts of the Huge ERCOT Policy, Regulatory and Market Design Changes

The largest reforms in the history of ERCOT will be implemented over the next two years. Multiple market and rule reforms will bring enormous changes to how power sales will be rewarded, introduce new products and services to increase reliability and resilience, and initiate the $10B Texas Energy Fund, a loan guarantee and grant program aimed at jump-starting investment in dispatchable generation, BTM energy assets, and transmission infrastructure. And the potential remains for more drastic energy legislation to create policy risk for the ERCOT market in the future.

Join ACCURE's CEO and co-founder, Kai-Philipp Kairies on February 14th for his keynote session:

Accelerating BESS Commissioning

The faster you get your battery energy storage system (BESS) up and running, the faster you profit. Even so, you can’t afford to cut corners. Mistakes, overlooked issues, and hardware problems can cause delays, compromise performance, void your warranty...or worse. We’ll share several case studies of how advanced battery analytics is being used to expedite BESS commissioning.