Detecting safety risks before they become

As with all energy sources, batteries carry a certain risk of failure. For lithium-ion batteries this can result in gassing and burning, potentially harming people and property. The ongoing trend towards even higher energy densities literally adds fuel to the fire. The relationship is quite simple: The more energy is stored within a single battery cell, the more energy is released in case of a failure.

At ACCURE, we have specialized in safety monitoring using physics-based models and statistical approaches, way beyond the limited input and resources an on-board BMS can provide. Our battery monitoring detects safety-relevant anomalies before they become dangerous. Since 2020, ACCURE’s online diagnostics have correctly predicted and prevented several critical li-ion battery failures.

Getting from responding to preventing

Lithium plating. Internal short circuits. Gassing. Delamination. Cells that age faster than others. Many safety-critical situations do not come by surprise. By mapping your battery data against millions of similar cells, we see and raise the red flags so you have time to respond with suitable countermeasures.

An additional safety layer to your products

The good news: Quick wins are possible. You don’t need to change much to substantially improve the safety of your batteries. As with all methods applied by ACCURE, no additional lab tests or sensors are needed. We gain insights into your battery by analyzing operational data – fast onboarding and infinite scalability.

Free White Paper: Predictive safety diagnostics

Get insights about how data can prevent battery fires and have a look at our latest Whitepaper.

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How much more value can you extract from your batteries?


Do you know how much more value you can extract from your batteries?

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