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Batteries generate high volumes of data, and this information can be tremendously valuable when software is applied. In recent years cloud-based battery analytics has emerged as a game-changer. Recognizing that improving battery efficiency is a key driver in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, this article explores the value of battery cloud monitoring solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) and their role in battery safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

Battery Management Systems’ Role in Battery Operation

The Battery Management System (BMS) functions as the core processor of a battery, responsible for ensuring that the battery operates within its designated parameters while providing abstract data such as State of Charge (SOC) to the higher-level energy management system. It continually monitors the voltage, current, and temperature of all battery modules to carry out its tasks. However, if a sensor malfunctions or if the BMS logic becomes corrupted, it can result in potentially hazardous situations, such as:

  • Unintended shutdown because of anincorrect assessment that the battery has exceeded its operational limits.
  • Inaccurate SOC calculations leading to an underutilization of the battery and system imbalance.
  • Deep discharging, which can cause the anode tab's copper to dissolve and create an internal short-circuit risk.
  • Overcharging, potentially leading towards a dangerous thermal runaway event.

Three Challenges Facing Electric Fleet Operators

Fleet operators must ensure that theirelectric vehicles operate efficiently, reliably, and safely. These are ourcustomers' top three challenges and where battery analytics can help.

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