Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies working in a meetingDr. Kai-Philipp Kairies working in a meeting

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GERMANY, June 12, 2023 — ACCURE Battery Intelligence, an Aachen-based provider of battery analytics software, and STABL Energy, a Munich-based tech start-up that gives electric vehicle batteries a new life, today announced a partnership to strengthen battery innovation and sustainability throughout the entire battery lifecycle.

As storage applications expand and electric vehicles become commonplace, the number of discarded batteries is growing exponentially. However, electric vehicle batteries can find a second life in commercial and industrial storage before being recycled.

In terms of a sustainable circular economy, second-life batteries can still be used in an ecologically and economically sensible way. "Because the condition of used batteries is not always the same, we have developed a technology that can integrate batteries with different residual capacities," says Dr. Arthur Singer, CEO and one of the four founders of STABL Energy.


Battery analytics and second-life complement each other perfectly

"The market for battery systems continues to develop dynamically," says Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, CEO of ACCURE Battery Intelligence. "Therefore, in addition to the technical advancement of batteries, new approaches are urgently needed to minimize safety and business risks while helping companies determine the most cost-effective use of their battery assets to increase value."

In this regard, second-life battery recycling is essential to meet the rapidly growing energy storage demand. STABL's second-life storage solution complements ACCURE's battery analytics software platform. ACCURE's AI-driven software enables battery operators and developers to extend battery life and verify safety thru advanced cloud-based battery modeling and analysis.

ACCURE and STABL are leaders in delivering innovative hardware and software solutions for the energy and storage industries. Lithium-ion batteries and battery management systems technologies are still maturing. Business cooperations help to improve and optimize deployed battery technologies to ensure the performance, lifetime, and safety of second-life applications. The partnership between ACCURE and STABL is an excellent example of collaboration in pursuit of a successful clean energy transition.

To learn more about ACCURE Battery Intelligence and STABL Energy’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, please visit accure.net and stabl.com.


About STABL Energy

STABL Energy GmbH develops energy storage systems from discarded vehicle batteries. The aim is to increase the use of renewable energies with the help of energy storage systems and at the same time to extend the life cycle of car batteries. This will reduce dependence on fossil fuels and enable batteries to be used for longer, contributing to the success of the energy transition. To do this, the company is setting a new standard in battery storage design, safety, reliability, cost efficiency and handling with its innovative, integrable technology. The university start-up was founded in Munich in 2019 and today employs nearly 30 people.

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