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How is industry going to contribute towards a clean energy future? With batteries. And this is happening fast. But in a market that is developing quickly, many questions remain unanswered. In our ACCURE podcasts & other publications, we raise and discuss some of the trends related to energy storage. Why? To provide insight and help increase your understanding of the business.

Battery Knowledge


  • How is your battery? Opportunities and challenges of working with field data [Medium]
  • The development of stationary battery storage systems in Germany – A market review [Elsevier]
  • Comparison of off-grid power supply systems using lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries [Elsevier]
  • Making Batteries Intelligent [Medium]

ACCURE Podcast, hosted by Markham Hislop

  • Solid State Batteries: Interview with Professor Dirk Uwe Sauer [YouTube]
  • Battery Recycling: Interview with Kim Kreisköther [YoutTube]
  • Energy Storage Systems: Interview with Julian Jansen [YouTube]
  • Sodium Ion Batteries: Interview with Laura Lander [YouTube]
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries: Interview with Matthieu Dubarry [YouTube]

You can find audio versions of our podcasts on Spotify

Interviews and Keynotes

  • Battery monitoring needs to go smoothly for energy storage to enter the mainstream [Energy Storage News]
  • Are 100-hour iron air batteries ready for prime time on the power grid? [Energi Media]
  • What does US govt's "Earthshot" to lower long-duration storage costs by 90% mean for power grids? [Energi Media]
  • Li-ion battery's poor cousin, iron phosphate, in vogue thanks to Tesla [Energi Media]
  • Battery storage important for wind and solar adoption, but power grid reform also critical [Energi Media]
  • Gespräch mit Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies, Accure Battery Intelligence über die E-Auto-Batterie [Elektroauto-News]
  • Battery Technology Trends: From Research to Reality – Keynote by Dr Kai Philipp Kairies [YouTube]
  • Fall Energy Speaker Series: German Energy Storage [Renewable Energy Alaska]
  • In Germany, Solar-Powered Homes Are Really Catching On [WIRED]


Keep up with the news  - This section contains press releases and news items concerning ACCURE

ACCURE in the media

  • Nov 21 - Dank permanenter Analyse zum Dauerläufer [Handelsblatt Journal]
  • Sep 21 – Batterie-Analyse made in Aachen [Rheinischen Post]
  • Sep 21 - Voll im Saft: Wie ACCURE Batterien berechenbar macht [IHK]
  • July 21 - ACCURE: Intelligent batteries [EIF]
  • Mai 21 - Ein Startup, das Batteriedaten analysiert [deutsche startups]
  • Sep 20 - Boost für die Batterie-Analysten [WiWo Gründer]

Press releases

  • Juli 22 – BVG Trials ACCURE’s Battery Safety Monitoring System on Electric Buses [ENGLISH]
  • Juli 22 – BVG testet das Monitoring für Batteriesicherheit von ACCURE für Elektrobusse [GERMAN]
  • April 22 – ACCURE exceeds 1,111 megawatt-hours of monitored battery systems with battery-powered boats from Soel Yachts and Naval DC [ENGLISH]
  • April 22 – Mit batteriebetriebenen Booten von Soel Yachts und Naval DC durchbricht ACCURE die Schwelle von 1.111 Megawattstunden überwachter Batteriesysteme [GERMAN]
  • Dec 21 – ACCURE and HNEI take battery analytics to the next level [ENGLISH]
  • Sep 21 – ACCURE raises $8 million dollars [ENGLISH]
  • Sep 21 – ACCURE erhält Series A-Investition von 8 Millionen US-Dollar [GERMAN]

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