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Batteries are key to our energy and mobility future. Consequently, battery safety and health become vital to the business models of companies around the world. Deepening our understanding of batteries has never been more important,yet at the same time it has never been more challenging to keep up with the rapid developments in material science, production processes, supply chains and business models. To make informed decisions in an ever-accelerating battery world,companies need reliable data, from the electrochemical properties of batteries to their real-life behavior in the field.

ACCURE’s cloud platform is the most powerful way to ingest, manage, and draw conclusions from battery field data.

Lab tests vs. the real world

Lab tests are a great way to learn about the fundamentals of batteries, but they are expensive and time consuming. Field data is different. It’s real and it comes at no additional cost. We use this field data to build digital twins of your batteries, to predict future safety, performance, and aging. Once deployed, batteries do their own testing under the most relevant load profiles in existence: Reality. By continuously extracting parameters such as open-circuit voltages, complex impedances, and loss of active lithium from operational data, we continuously build and update digital twins of your batteries.

Making sense of database chaos

While field data is a great source of battery insights, it can be hard to handle. Different battery suppliers, product generations, IoT devices and BMS versions make direct comparisons of data sets tedious and error-prone. Battery analysts may love rushing to the “exciting” parts of data science, where they can test their ideas on large data sets or benchmark the latest publications against each other. But if the quality of the input data is muddled, the results of even the most advanced methods will be worthless.

Giving you the tools you need for your decision-making

When analyzing technical data, managers and their engineers often need fundamentally different things. You need to drill down into bar charts, she needs meticulous time-series data. Right? We can help you with both. Our live dashboards open a new dimension of interactive data exploration. If you already have your own BI solution in place, we pipe the battery data right into it. At the same time, data scientists can connect their Jupyter Notebook or Matlab environment directly to the data warehouse.

Managing complexity, at scale

ACCURE’s cloud analytics are built to scale. Whether you have deployed one hundred or one hundred thousand battery modules, we will get you your results, fast. Our platform combines hands-on battery knowledge with a cloud-native server infrastructure and is ready to process your battery data. And the data of every other battery on the planet.

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Do you know how much more value you can extract from your batteries?

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