Intelligence that improves the health of your
battery systems

For batteries to be economically and ecologically viable, a certain minimum service life is crucial. That’s why batteries almost always come with long-term warranties. But warranty conditions are usually complex, hard to track and inconsistent across suppliers . At the same time, intelligent operation strategies can can substantially prolong the lifetime of batteries - even if they have already been deployed.

You can still extend the lifetime of your batteries

How long will it last?

Batteries in the mobility and energy sector usually have design lifetimes between 7 and 20 years. But even batteries produced on the same machine and on the same day show substantial differences in their aging behavior. Knowing when the performance of your batteries will begin to suffer, and when it will start dropping drastically, is crucial to your business. Our platform provides you with this knowledge, with the accurate and timely predictions of when this will occur for every individual battery.

A cost function for battery operation

Batteries are incredibly flexible. Using the same battery for different use cases (value stacking), can substantially improve their lifetime value. But every additional cycle comes with new aging costs – and sometimes a seemingly profitable use case turns out to be a net negative when considering additional degradation. Our cloud solution helps you to navigate the complexities of battery usage, live and at scale.

All the details and the full overview

A mid-sized fleet of electric buses contains hundreds of thousands of battery cells. OEMs are implementing millions of battery cells into new vehicles every day. Understanding their individual health and performance while keeping an overview about the portfolio can be challenging. We combine battery expertise with a powerful data exploration tool that will get you in the driver seat of your battery business.

Free Case Study: Battery analytics in African C&I solar projects

How advanced battery analytics can support energy service companies in operating and managing their batteries? Read our case study!

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Your batteries, unleashed
With the technicalities of battery aging uncovered, substantial optimization potential becomes available. For many applications, lifetime increases of over 25% are possible without negatively affecting the usage of the system. We support companies in getting the most out of their battery systems through optimization of the energy management system (EMS), thermal management, and system design.
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How much more value can you extract from your batteries?


Do you know how much more value you can extract from your batteries?

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