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This paper will explain:

In our most recent scholarly endeavor, we partnered with the esteemed Matthieu Dubarry to unravel the multifaceted nature of battery relaxation. Our comprehensive exploration ventured into the relaxation patterns observed in commercial LFP and NMC811 cells.

Far from being a passive phase, it emerges as a dynamic interplay governed by many variables:

Battery Relaxation Report
Benchmark dataset for the study of the relaxation of commercial NMC-811 and LFP cells
  • Time: The duration the battery has been in a charged or discharged state.
  • Cell Chemistry: The specific chemical composition and structure of the battery cell.
  • C-Rate: The rate in dependency of the current at which the battery is charged or discharged.
  • Depth of Discharge (DoD): The extent to which the battery is depleted.
  • Current Flow Direction: The direction in which the current is flowing—whether charging or discharging.
  • Temperature: The operational temperature of the battery.
  • Age: The lifespan and the number of charge-discharge cycles the battery has undergone.

Read the complete paper:  Benchmark dataset for the study of the relaxation of commercial NMC-811 and LFP cells

Pioneering Collaboration for Scientific Advancement

As part of our commitment to advancing research in the field, we have made available a benchmark dataset alongside our research paper. This dataset is not merely a repository of numbers; it stands as a beacon for researchers and scientists eager to push the boundaries in battery relaxation modeling.

Our goal is to invigorate the scientific community, galvanize collaborative endeavors, and pave the way for transformative innovations in battery relaxation modeling. Together, let us power the future—one charge at a time.

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