Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies working in a meetingDr. Kai-Philipp Kairies working in a meeting

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Does my battery work as expected?

As a crucial component of the new energy and mobility world, batteries need to be reliable. But how is this being determined? Tracking the performance of batteries is essential to ensuring that their intended benefits are realized and allowing for future improvements. One issue we see far too often is battery modules not behaving as the data sheet says they should. A battery management system (BMS) might (seemingly for no reason) derate the charge current to much lower values than specified, leaving users with longer charging times or empty batteries.

In another case, a battery system that worked seamlessly in northern Europe might struggle to operate reliably in more hot and humid environments, even though the data sheet suggests otherwise.

Battery performance tracking brings transparency to the unpredictable reality of a battery operating system, unlocking tremendous value for predictive maintenance or improved system designs.

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