Preventing lithium-ion battery Incidents

How to avoid thermal runaway

Battery safety analytics deliver early warnings and essential analyses that the battery management system can’t do.

Li-ion batteries carry a small risk with a big impact

Battery issues happen. From e-buses and EVs to home and grid-scale energy storage systems, the cost of insufficient safety monitoring can be significant—and irreversible.

Even with battery suppliers and operators required to follow stricter safety regulations, these measures are centered around reacting to the problem rather than prevention. And the onboard battery management systems (BMS) are not equipped to identify thermal runaway far in advance.

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Predictive safety

Learn how the battery data you already is analyzed to prevent thermal runaway.

How the BMS manages safety

Battery management systems monitor all cells within a pack and use balancing to limit divergence between cells. The safety features are often limited to comparing measurements with pre-set thresholds, such as if the temperature rises above 122°F/50°C, shut the pack down.

The BMS does not have the capability to analyze historical operation data or to analyze large data sets to recognize early indicators of thermal runaway.

What your BMS doesn't have:
  • The history of the battery measurements over time
  • Deeper analyses that include model-based approaches
  • Automatic alerts before the battery behavior is critical

To prevent thermal runaway you need an early warning system.

5 essential analyses every battery safety strategy needs

All data in a single view

A complete picture of all your cells, modules and packs across suppliers, chemistries and generations, in a single view.


Data validation

Recognize errors and gaps in the BMS and data logging, and exclude false positives.


Preventative alerts

Recognize when cells behave irregularly and inform you before they become dangerous.


Continuous monitoring

Continuously monitor cells, uncovering behavioral trends as they relate to operational and environmental conditions.


Predict battery aging

Add additional analytics to your strategy to forecast the state of health and predict how batteries will age, giving you a head start on maintenance planning and safe battery retirement.


Go from reactive to proactive battery safety

how it works

Continuous safety monitoring

Safety analytics uncover red flags and send automatic alerts, so you have time to respond with effective countermeasures to prevent failures.

Get an advanced safety layer

More than just a technology. Our battery experts help you make sense of the results so you can act fast and confidently.

Control costs and risks

ACCURE analyzes your operational data for the highest accuracy. No costly lab tests or additional sensors needed. No product modifications necessary.

Predict and plan maintenance

Artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms help you see into the future by analyzing your batteries’ history and past usage.

Fast onboarding and scalable

Each battery management system has a special flavor of collecting and evaluating data. Our cloud-based software covers them all in one solution.

Just had a battery incident?
Here's what to do:

If you have experienced a battery fire, you need to act fast. Analysis of battery operation data is the fastest way to get detailed insights of the incident and lay the foundation for your next steps. Our experienced team will help you return to normal operation asap.

Operators understand:

Running and hiding from thermal runaway is not possible

When it comes to safety you can do more than the BMS. Let us help you get more out of your battery data, slow the aging of your batteries, and reduce risks to your business and crew.

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